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Welcome to GoldBlue AB’s Investor Relations. We are a company listed at NGM Nordic MTF under the symbol GOLDB MTF.

Under this section you will find necessary information that is related to GoldBlue share and the company’s financial development. For example you can find GoldBlue’s financial reports and press releases.

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24 AUG 2018

Interim Report Q2

23 NOV 2018

Interim Report Q3

22 FEB 2019

Year-end report 2018

Press Release

Analyst Group´s interview with GoldBlue’s CEO Andre Rodrigues

GoldBlue’s CEO Andre Rodrigues was interviewed by Analyst Group. In the interview Andre Rodrigues describe several aspects of GoldBlues current status including the B2B business model and how GoldBlue intends to scale up and grow. The interview is published on Analyst Groups website. Click on the link below to read the full interview:  For…

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GoldBlue has intergrated and lanched several Asian games on the online casino

GoldBlue has now integrated and launched the games from CQ9 and Zustro Play. The games from CQ9 are slots with Asian themes and are in line with our strategy of integrating more local Asian games for our customers. Zustro Play also provides live streaming games such as Baccarat, Black Jack and Roulette which also adapted…

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Financial Report

Interim Report Q3 2017

Key Facts for 3 Quarter of 2017 (1st July – 30th September 2017) · Sign-up increased by 161% to 71,386 (27,357) · New depositing players decreased by 24% to 4,547 (6,014) · Active players decreased by 11% to 9,940 (11,414) · Average Deposit per player increased by 23% to €599.38 (€486.95) · Deposits increased by…

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Interim Report Q2 2017

Key Facts for 2 Quarter of 2017 (1st April – 30th June 2017) · Sign-up increased by 116% to 61,973 (28,715) · New Deposit players increased by 66% to 7,000 (4,226) · Active players increased by 65% to 14,356 (8,677) · Deposits increased by 137% to €6,025,348.14 (€2,540,167.91) · Turnover increased by 204% to €60,367,189.88…

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Interim Report Q1 2017

Key Facts for 1 Quarter of 2017 (1 Jan – 31 March 2017) · Sign-up increased by 151% to 62,680 (25,005) · New Deposit players increased by 99% to 8,379 (4,208) · Active players increased by 113% to 16,083 (7,560) · Deposits increased by 221% to €6,331,187.04 (€1,969,266.14) · Turnover increased by 206% to €64,897,754.43…

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