Announcement from the Annual General Meeting of GoldBlue AB (publ) on 17 June, 2019

The Annual General Meeting (''AGM'') of GoldBlue AB (publ) (''GoldBlue'' or the ''Company''), 559078-0465, was held today on 17 June 2019, whereby mainly the following resolutions were passed by the shareholders. At the AGM, the Company's presented income statement and balance sheet for the financial year 2018 were adopted. The AGM resolved, in accordance with the board of directors' proposal, that the result of the year would be carried forward and that no dividend would be paid to the shareholders. The members of the board of directors (the ''Board'') and the managing director were discharged from liability for administration of the Company's affairs during the financial year 2018. The AGM resolved that the remuneration to the Board members should be SEK 130,000 to the chairman of the Board and SEK 65,000 to the other Board members. The AGM resolved that fee to the auditor should be paid in accordance with approved invoices. The AGM resolved, in accordance with the nomination committee's proposal, to re-elect Rune Löderup, Staffan Lindgren, Jesper Ramskov Jensen and Harmen Brenninjmeijer as members of the Board. Rune Löderup was re-elected as chairman of the Board. Mazars Set Revisionsbolag AB was re-elected as the Company's auditor. The AGM resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to authorise the Board during the period up to the next annual general meeting , with or without deviation from shareholders' preferential right, on one or more occasions, to resolve on rights issue and issue of convertible bonds and /or warrants. Payment thereof shall be made in cash, in kind and/or by way of set – off. The AGM resolved, in accordance with the Board's proposal, to issue 5,000,000 warrants. The right to subscribe for the shares shall, with deviation from shareholders' preferential right and free of charge, accrue to the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, GoldBlue Ltd, for transfer to key persons in the organization in accordance with instructions from the parent company's board. Oversubscription is not allowed. The reason for deviation from shareholders' preferential right is to create incentives for the Company's senior executives and key employees. Each warrant gives the holder the right to subscribe for one new share in the Company at a subscription price of SEK 0.23 per share during the period 18 September 2019 – 18 December 2020. The standard conversion conditions apply to the warrants. In the case of subscription, payment of a market premium calculated in accordance with the Black & Scholes valuation model shall be made. In case all warrants issued are utilized for subscription of new shares, the Company's share capital may increase by a maximum of SEK 450,000. Stockholm 17 June 2019 GoldBlue AB (publ)   The Board For further information, please contact: Jihua Liu, IR Email: [email protected] Tel: +46-8-559 25 266