Resolutions from the Extraordinary General Meeting of GoldBlue AB (publ) on June 7, 2019

GoldBlue AB (publ) ("GoldBlue" or the "Company"), 559078-0465, held an Extraordinary General Meeting on June 7, 2019 whereby the following resolutions were passed.  The Extraordinary General Meeting resolved to approve the Board of Director's decision on May 8, 2019, regarding the issue of new shares with preferential rights for existing shareholders with respect the main terms set out below and which were communicated in the press release on May 8, 2019. The decision means that the Company's share capital may increase by a maximum of SEK 9,484,249.95 through an issue of a maximum of 105,380,555 shares. The right to subscribe for the shares shall, with preferential rights, be given to the Company's shareholders, whereby three (3) existing shares entitle to subscribe for five (5) new shares. The subscription price for the shares is SEK 0.16, which is based on the market value of the share after deductions for the usual discount to ensure the implementation of the issue. The record date for the right to participate in the issue shall be June 13, 2019. Subscription of the shares will take place during the period June 17, 2019 to July 1, 2019. Subscription of shares with the usage of preferential rights (i.e. with the use of subscription rights) shall be made through simultaneous payment, while subscription without the usage of preferential rights must be made on a separate subscription list. With respect to the above decision, the Extraordinary General Meeting also resolved to amend the wording of the terms of the Articles of Association regarding the limits of the Company's share capital and the number of shares (§ 4 and § 5) as follows: § 4 The minimum share capital shall be SEK 9,000,000; the maximum share capital shall be SEK 36,000,000. § 5 The minimum number of shares shall be 100,000,000; the maximum number of shares shall be 400,000,000. All shares are of the same type. Stockholm June 7, 2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS   For more information, please contact: Jihua Liu Tel: +46 (0)8 559 25 266 E-mail: [email protected]

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