CEO update for October and November 2018

Strong Growth with Strong growth on new markets with 160% increase of deposits in November. Total deposits increased 15% for the Chinese and Japanese market in November. Total deposits for all brands increased by 21% in November. The launch of the Thai market was the most successful launch the GoldBlue AB group has had. When in comparison to our previous launch in Indonesian in August, The Thai market had more than 4 times registrations, more than 3 times FTD’s (First Time Deposits) and 60% more deposits from the launch in early November. Our new markets Indonesia and Vietnam have continued to show strong growth. In October, combined both new markets had a 74% increase in registrations, 320% increase in First time depositors. Increase in active unique depositors was 226%. Total depositions increased with 97%. In November we experienced 146% more registrations, 93% increase in First Time Depositing players, 86% increase in active unique depositors and total deposition grew by 160%. In China and Japan we saw a 45% increase in new customer registrations, a small decline of 4% in FTD’s, a small decline of 6% in active unique depositors and 13% decline in total deposits for October. The decline in October is mainly attributed to extended two week long national holidays within the Chinese market at the beginning of October. During November we had a 2% decline in registration, however our FTD’s increased by 17%, resulting in a small variation on active unique depositors decrease of 2% however Total deposits rose by 15%. Overall, this meant that all brands experienced a increase of 45% in registrations in October, a increase of 11% in FTD’s, small increase of 1% in unique depositors and a decrease of 9% in total deposits. While in November total registrations increased by 3%, FTD’s increased by 12%, active unique depositors increased by 4% and total player deposits increased with 21%. Based on the performance in all markets and the proven growth, I am strongly convinced that the strategy of establishing Goldblue in new and additional markets with one brand is the right path. Warmest regards, Andre Rodrigues Definitions: Registrations: New registered users FTD: First time depositor Active unique depositing users: Unique number of users that do deposits in a specific period of time Deposits: Total depositing amount per users This information is a translation of “VD uppdatering för oktober och november 2018” that GoldBlue AB (publ) submitted for publication at 08.38 CET on 5 December 2018. For more information please contact: Jihua Liu, Head of IR Email: [email protected] Tel: +46 (0)8 559 25 266  GoldBlue AB is a Swedish listed investment company within the iGaming business with focus on growth markets in Asia. 

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